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Satisfyer sex toys review by Gia Joy NZ

It would seem that adult toy giant Satisfyer are the Justin Bieber of the sex toy world. By putting out banger after banger, Satisfyer are making us all stand up and pay attention and give them a slow clap for all they have achieved.

Two years ago I hadn’t even heard of Satisfyer, and now they are everywhere. My top 3 toys of the moment are actually all by this brand. My numero uno, like so many other women I’m sure, is the celebrated Satisfyer pro 2 with vibration. This toy is everything! It sucks, it vibrates, damn it may as well hold your hand afterwards…it’s that good. This is definitely my go-to toy if I want a quick and efficient orgasm.

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The Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer Couples Toys

Second, has to be the amazing endless joy. This toy is marketed as a couples toy, but honestly there are so many ways to enjoy this toy you don’t even need a partner involved. But, if you decide you want to enjoy this little gem with your better half you won’t be disappointed. With three powerful motors, this toy sends pleasure to all of your erogenous zones. Sensitive nipples? Slip the fingers of the toy either side of your nipple and enjoy the vibrations, give the fingers a squeeze and revel in the sensations as they pinch your nipples.

Use the powerful vibrations on your clitoris, or be adventurous and push the arms inside you. For him, use it on his nipples, place it at the base of his pens for an amazing thrill when you have sex, massage his balls gently with the varied vibrations on offer. Honestly the name of this Satisfyer Sex Toy is very apt, Endless Joy.

Versatile couples toy.
Satisfyer vibrating cock ring.
The Satisfyer couples toy.

Lastly and by no means least is the Satisfyer partner plus remote. If you have heard of We-Vibe, and let’s be honest who hasn’t? Well this is just like a WeVibe, only better, so much better! It has a beautiful silky silicone material, that glides inside you easily and secures itself snugly. This whisper quiet toy can be controlled by remote so you can quickly move between vibrations. The sexy toy is primarily worn during sex to enhance the good times for both you and your partner, but if you are feeling a bit naughty you can also slip it inside your panties, give your partner the controller and enjoy a little private public fun!

Honestly, I can’t recommend these 3 toys enough. If you are in New Zealand and keen to see what all the fuss is about, Check out my favourite sex shop – Tabu Adult Boutique, and trawl their site for goodies! Satisfyer are constantly coming out with new and creative products. I, for one, can not wait to see what they come out with next.

For now I shall sign off, all this talk has made me want to go play with my toys.

Gia. x

Thanks to Gia for allowing us to post her latest blog post on our site. We hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful in your search for your next sex toy.

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