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If you would like to get in touch, you may contact us by using the form. Feel free to ask about our product ranges or availability. If you would like to book an at home sex toy party, or would simply like more information about hosting a party, please click the ‘book a party’ button on our homepage which will take you to the appropriate form.

If your query is of a personal or sexual nature, regarding the use of different toys, satisfying a partner, or ways to spice up a long term relationship, you may wish to contact Dr Joan. Dr joan will tret your enquiry with respect and discretion.

Address:  Tabu Adult Boutique, 28 Main Street, Eketahuna, NZ.

Phone:  06 210 6275

Email:  info@tabuadultboutique.co.nz

Business Hours:   10am – 4pm  seven days a week.


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