Anal Toys

Historically, anal sex and other back door sexual activities, were seen as taboo and not something most people would never consider participating in. However, times have certainly changed. The range of exciting toys on the market and the public desire for more exciting sex has led to a boom in the sector. If you are looking to buy anal toys, look no further!

At Tabu Adult Boutique, we stock the most popular anal toys in NZ. The range includes classic silicone and rubber dildos and glass dongs. Butt plugs are available in varying size starting with very small plugs, so perfect for beginners. We stock beads, both standard and vibrating along with a range of suitable lubricants.

We also offer a cream called Anal Eze which relaxes and softens the muscles of the anus, making playtime more comfortable. The important thing to bear in mind is to take things slowly. Don’t do too much too quickly, use plenty of lubrication and communicate with your partner. Tell them what feels great for you and what doesn’t.