Where Do I Start My Anal Journey?

how do i start my anal journey

Starting my Anal Journey

First things first, I’d like to point out how much I dislike the fact that every learning opportunity, discovery or life experience seems to be described as a journey these days. Nevertheless, here I am using the phrase in the title of my latest article. I shall add hypocrite to the list of my most charming attributes. As the title suggests, Where do I start my anal journey? is aimed at the kind of folk who have often wondered about anal play and daydreamed of experimenting with butt plugs but wouldn’t know where to begin. If that sounds like you, then read on.

Starting Small

Whether they admit it or not, most people are intrigued by the idea of obtaining sexual pleasure from their ass. Most of us have wanted a partner to insert a finger or something more substantial at one time or another. Whether we asked them to indulge our curiosity often depends on how we thought they would handle the request. However, the suggestion of playing with a commercially available new toy can normalize the practice. Instead of being a strange kink, anal play seems mainstream. And indeed it is.

Whether you are enjoying this new thrill on your own, or with a partner, there are a few guidelines to follow. I will touch on these as the article continues. Adhering to them will greatly enhance your experience and lead to a whole new world of sexual pleasure. The key to beginning your anal toy journey (sorry!) is to start small. A plug such as the Mini Silicone Plug from Anal Fantasy is an ideal first plug. At just 1 inch at its widest point and an insertable length of 3 inches, the Mini Plug is not intimidating.

When using anal toys of any size, an important step is to thoroughly lubricate. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not lubricate itself naturally. Inserting toys without sufficient lube can not only be difficult and painful, but can cause injury. You do not want to visiting your local emergency room with anal tears, so don’t spare the lube!

How Do I Lube Up for Anal Toys?

A good quality water based lubricant is the way to go when using a plug. In New Zealand, Wet Stuff is a popular brand. Their Gold lubricant is a best seller, and ideal lube for anal toys. Apply lube generously to both the toy and your anus. Push some lube up your passage too to ensure thorough coverage. Some manufacturers, such as Clean Stream, produce a specifically designed Anal Lube. This is a thicker formula and worth considering if you move up to bigger toys.

So, your ass, or your partner’s, is well lubed up and ready. You have the plug in your hand and are eager to get started. Try to contain the urge to thrust it straight in. Lightly massage the anus with a finger and slip it inside, so the area gets used to being penetrated. Then when you feel ready, introduce the tip of the plug and slowly insert in stages. There will be an unusual but pleasurable sensation for the recipient.

After a minute or two, the toy will have been ‘swallowed’, slipping in up to the narrow neck at the base of the plug. The base on the plug is to prevent the whole toy being sucked in. Never use a sex toy without a base for anal play, as they run the risk of causing damage if they cannot be easily retrieved.

A Different kind of Pleasure

The anal sphincter contains a lot of nerve endings, hence the tremendous pleasure its stimulation can provide. However, this also means that any discomfort felt can be multiplied too. There are products on the market for numbing any discomfort. Anal Eze is a cream that can be applied to numb sensation, and used correctly it can be very useful. Always use these desensitizing products responsibly. Check that no damage is being done to the numbed area, and take things slowly!

After you have become accustomed to a small plug, and love the sensation: what now? Moving up to the next size will feel just as invigorating as your first experience. The Anal Fantasy range contains Mini, Small, Medium, Large and Mega plugs for your enjoyment. Apart from increasing sizes, there are also vibrating plugs, anal balls and beads to consider.

Hopefully, this brief article has given you a little confidence and encouragement to widen your horizons and try some back door fun. You are very welcome!


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