Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Eketahuna store opening times?

Our store opening times are 10am until 4pm. We are open Tuesday – Sunday. Closed Mondays.

Do you deliver to rural districts?

Yes we do and we don’t charge any extra for rural delivery

Do you sell Viagra?
We don’t sell actual Viagra but we do sell a great herbal alternative which has had amazing feedback. You can choose from the two leading brands of either Bona or Long Dong.
I suffer from premature ejaculation. Do you have anything that can help with that?
Yes, we sell a brilliant product called Indian God Lotion. You simply spray the lotion on the haed and the shaft of the penis and wait for it to absorb. It will have a mild numbing effect, allowing you to last longer.
Is there a way to tighten my vagina?
If it is a short term solution you are looking for, then a tightening cream such as Reverse should be considered. If you want to permanently tighten your vagina and strengthen you vaginal muscles and pelvic floor, then Kegel balls are definitely the way to go. You insert them into your vagina and your muscles automatically contract to hold them in place, thus giving your pelvic floor a great workout. Use for 30 minutes a day to begin with and you can gradually use them for longer. You will begin to feel the benefits of the balls within 3 weeks and the real results will be achieved after a few months of wear.
Is there a pill to make my penis bigger?
Unfortunately not although spammers might claim that there is. There is no magic solution, however, penis pumps, used in conjunction with a cockring will enlarge your penis, allowing you to give more pleasure to your lover. Regular, daily use can result in minor, permanent size increase.

Don’t forget you can ask Dr Joan a question about anything sexual or about any of our products.  Just click the image to ask.

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