Couples Sex Toys

If you love your adult toys, and would like to find some that you can introduce into your relationship, read on! Couples sex toys are a great way to develop a sexual understanding between the both of you. Unlike toys that cater just to her needs or are specifically to him, these products are for the mutual enjoyment of both parties.

Vibrating cock rings are a popular couple toy. They are a ring, usually made of silicone, which has a vibrating attached to the top of it. The cockring is worn around the base of the penis to increase the strength of the man’s erection. The vibrations from the ring excite the clitoris during intercourse, leading to a mutually enjoyable experience.

The WE-Vibe is another couples toy option, and it’s very popular in New Zealand. The U shaped silicone unit is worn by the woman. One side slips into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot, and the other side is left outside the body and rests against the clitoris. Use the We Vibe whilst having sex so both of you will feel the thrill of vibrations.


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