Anal Beads

Buy anal beads at Tabu. Browse our collection of good quality beads in our store or online, along with many other great adult toys, vibrators and anal toys.

They are a great introduction to anal play. They look petite and innocent, but can have an amazing orgasmic effect!

Lube up your Anal Bead toy and slowly insert them one at a time into your partners rear. For first timers it is a really unusual but pleasant sensation. Then either have sex or pleasure them with your hands or a toy. Just as they are starting to orgasm, pull out the string. This creates a heightened sense of letting go, and loss of control. Their orgasm will be much more intense than anything they have ever experienced before.

Always keep your anal toys in great condition by cleaning them after use. Spray with a little toy cleaner and wash with warm water before storing.


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