Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

Do penis pumps really work? article

Do Penis Pumps Actually Work?

Few products in our store arouse as many enquiries as Penis Pumps. We receive online enquiries and instore questions about them on a regular basis… “They’re just a joke right?” “Do penis pumps actually have an effect?” “How big will I get?” “Does it feel amazing to use?” You get the idea. There is seemingly a sense of wonder and myth about these products which hopefully I can address in this article.

do penis pumps actually work? article
A Simple Blue Penis Pump

How do they work?

All Penis Pumps use suction to create a larger member. The erect penis should have a little bit of water based lubricant applied to it, then it is inserted into the pump cylinder. The lubricant and soft sleeve at the base of the pump help to create an air-tight seal. Then pumping begins. In the example above, the pump comes with a squeezable medical ball, but many different styles are available.

Squeezing the ball starts to remove air from the cylinder. After a short while, a vacuum is created inside the cylinder, which sucks the penis further into tube. The body pumps more blood into the penis and it grows larger than it usually would under normal conditions. When you are are happy with the result, or you are starting to feel any discomfort, simply press the release valve on the side of the squeeze ball; the pressure will be released and you can remove the pump.

rechargeable auto penis pump - do penis pumps work?
Rechargeable Auto Pump

How Big Will I Get?

Penis Pumps are an effective way to enjoy a larger penis, but do not expect miracles! A conservative estimate is that most men will be able to experience an increase in length and girth of between 5%-10%. Do not expect that you will double in size. Bear in mind that the pump can only enhance what you already have, it cannot alter your genetic make up. However, even a 5 or 10 percent increase will be very noticeable and sex will feel different for both you and your partner.

To enjoy the bigger experience for longer, slip on a cock ring before you start pumping. Cock rings pinch the base of your penis and restrict the blood from flowing back out of your erection so quickly.

Will I achieve permanent Growth?

With regular use over many years, there may be a slight flaccid size increase, but that is not the aim of a penis pump. Any advert that promises you a large permanent growth is trying to con you. A pump is a temporary way to experience a bigger penis for a different and more fulfilling sexual encounter.

Whilst we are talking about cons, I should also point out that there are no pills on the market that will give you a larger dick. We have men asking for them because they have seen them advertised online. They are all nonsense and cannot possibly work, despite the fake before and after pictures they may show you!

Do Penis Pumps Cost a Fortune?

At Tabu Adult Boutique we have a range of styles and price points to suit all pockets. Take a browse through our Penis Pumps section to find the perfect pump for you. We have simple Beginner’s Pumps starting as low as $39, Trigger pumps and Auto Suction ones too. So, if you are ready to start your pumping journey, I hope you now know how to go about it, and what results to expect.

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