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trending sex toys at tabu adult boutique. Enchanted exciter

Enchanted Exciter and Enchanted Kisser – Trending Sex Toys

As with any retail industry, products come and products go, but some take their place in the limelight and become so popular we refer to them as Trending Sex Toys. We know a toy’s popularity can help people decide what to get for themselves, so we hope this short article will help. It explains the latest trend and explores the reasons for a surge in sales around NZ.

For the last couple of months we have been inundated with orders for the Enchanted Exciter and Enchanted Kisser. These rabbit style vibes have captured the thrusting rabbit market because of their amazing design. Thrusting vibes, as the name suggests, thrust up and down so you can position it in the perfect spot for you. Then let the toy do all the work!

Traditional rabbit vibrators require you to manually thrust them in and out to simulate sex. This results in the clit vibe constantly coming away from the clitoris. With a thrusting vibe, it will settle in exactly the right place and buzz away.

Exciter Kisser

Multi-Function Fun

Not only does it thrust, but the thrusting action has unpredictable movement built in. This makes it feel more realistic and much more of an exciting experience. There are 4 shaft functions, whilst the clitoral tickler has 12 vibration patterns to choose from.

On the Kisser, the clitoral stimulator is a dolphin styling, whereas the Exciter has a more traditional long-eared bunny.

These toys are made from silicone, so they have a warm and luxurious feel. Also, their waterproof quality means no woman is limited to fun in just the bedroom. Try it in the shower for secret boost to your morning regime and arrive at work with a spring in your step!

Add in the convenience of being rechargeable and it’s not difficult to see why these have been Tabu Adult Boutique’s hot selling sex toys recently.

Best Selling Sex Toys in Wellington

The capital leads the way with online orders of the Exciter and Kisser. Recommendations amongst girlfriends via social media and word-of-mouth seem to have lit the fire of interest in these trending rabbits. Maybe Sex Shops in Wellington can’t keep up with demand, but we welcome the interest from Wellingtonians, both online and in our Eketahuna store.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to grab one from Tabu. We are offering you the chance to save $20 on either the Enchanted Exciter or Enchanted Kisser by entering the coupon code enchanted at checkout. Alternatively, mention this article in-store at Tabu for the same discount.

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