Lubricant Guide

Hello there! The reason for this article is to try and explain the role of sexual lubricants. So many people ask me why they need lube, that I have decided to write up a lubricant guide. My general rule is that all sexual activity is improved by the use of a quality lubricant. I have detailed different sex acts below, each with a brief description of not only why lube will improve your experience, but which kind of lube to choose.

Vaginal Sex

We all know that when a woman is sexually aroused her vagina lubricates itself naturally. However, the level of lubrication varies from woman to woman. When it comes to lube, more is always better, so adding a little water based lubricant to the penis and/or the vagina before penetration is important. Not only will both partners experience smoother and more comfortable love-making, but the penis will go deeper which is always a win/win.

Anal Sex

Anal is a different scenario. The anus will not lubricate itself naturally. It is essential to use plenty of lube before attempting penetration of any kind. If you will be using a condom, select a thick water-based anal lubricant. Experiment with a silicone lube.if no condom is being used. Silicones will never dry out and feel silky smooth but are not latex friendly. Before attempting to insert a penis, lube up your partner and use your finger to play and massage the anus. If you ‘warm-up’ the area first, anal sex will be far more comfortable and rewarding. Remember to take things slowly. Never force anything into the anus, it may tear or rip and that’s an injury you don’t want.

Oral Sex

Whatever the scenario, oral sex can be enjoyed without any lube. However, the addition of a flavoured edible lube can make the experience a thrill for the giver as well as the receiver. Strawberry, caramel and mint are common flavours, and can even be combined to come up with your own favourite recipe!


Whether you are masturbating yourself or your partner, a lube makes the world of difference. A finger squirming and sliding over the clitoris is a heavenly experience, and the sensation of a handjob is improved massively with a little slip and slide. Either water-based or a silicone lube can be used, but as the silicone will not dry out and need re-applying, it means uninterrupted pleasure until climax.

Sex Toys

Vibrators and dongs will all operate better with the addition of a water based lubricant. Never use a silicone lube with a toy. It will damage the surface of the toy. Anal toys require plenty of lube too, as they are often a rubbery material. Coat the toy and the anus with lube and take it slowly. Masturbation sleeves must be lubricated, otherwise you are at risk of injury. If in doubt of how much lube to apply, always use more than you thought. Better safe than sorry.

So, that’s my lubricant guide for greater sex. I mentioned a few different kinds of lube in the article, and have detailed some products below for your consideration. Enjoy yourselves and each other!


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Clean Stream Anal – 236ml bottle


Wet Stuff Premium Bodyglide – 125ml bottle

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