Why choose a Jewel Butt Plug?

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Why Choose a Jewel Butt Plug?

This is a question we are asked fairly often at Tabu. We have sold our triple Jewel Plug sets for a couple of years now, but the last few months have seen a huge rise in interest and sales. It is strange how some styles of sex toy suddenly become popular, but tastes seem to change just like with the fashions. There are literally hundreds of different anal plugs out there, so why choose a Jewel Butt Plug?

Anal plugs or Butt plugs (they are the same thing) come in a huge variety. The size is the most obvious variable, with plugs starting at the size of the average thumb, right up to eye watering sculptures that look more like doorstops. However, size is not the only consideration when looking to buy a butt plug.

The material it is made from doesn’t only affect its weight. Consider the weight of the plug too. Stainless steel plugs will have a different feel when worn to the lighter weight of a silicone or rubber plug. Also glass or metal plugs can be cooled or warmed to allow you to enjoy some temperature play.

A lot of plugs have a vibration function. They either operate via an attached battery pack or they are a self-contained rechargeable unit. The recharge plugs are obviously more convenient and user-friendly but will come at a slightly higher price point.

Jewel Plugs – Ideal for beginners

One thing that can put people off introducing an anal plug into their sex life is intimidation. Buying a plug that is too large, will be daunting and ultimately uncomfortable. A painful first experience will probably put someone off for life. This is a great reason for choosing a set of three jewel plugs from Tabu.

Apart from looking pretty, and turning the wearer into a work of art for their partner to admire, the three plugs are graduated in size. A nervous beginner can start with the smallest plug for the first few times, then move up to a larger size if they wish.

The small plug in the set is only approx 27 mm at its widest point, that is around 1 inch. It slides in slowly and comfortably with the help of lubricant. However experienced you are with anal toys, always insert them gradually and slowly for the best experience.

The next step up is the medium plug which is approx 35 mm at its widest and the large plug has a maximum width of approx 40 mm. There is a wide range of colours to choose from for your stainless steel jewel plug set.

Depending on stock levels, we have red, pink, green, black, clear, blue and purple to chose from. And remember that plugs are not just for sexual play. Many people enjoy the sensation of wearing a butt plug when they are walking, shopping or working. Nobody will ever know!

You can find Tabu’s jewel Plugs and our whole anal collection online or instore in Eketahuna. We are adding new stock lines on a weekly basis so check back to see what we have for you!

Any online purchase over $50 will result in free shipping to anywhere in New Zealand.

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