Which Sex Toys are Trending Online?

which sex toys are trending online?

Which Sex Toys are Trending and Should I Follow the Trends?

As with any retail business, in the sex toy business we have to keep up with the latest moods, trends and fashions. There are new models being produced on a weekly basis, so we have to keep an eye on these new innovations. However, it’s far more important for us to listen to our customers. “Which sex toys are trending at the moment?” and “What are other woman buying?” are the questions we hear the most. So, we thought we would write a quick, helpful guide which will answer these queries and hopefully point you in the right direction.

Whether you are buying something for yourself, or a gift for that special person, it can help to get some advice. Of course, a product’s popularity doesn’t necessarily reflect how good it is, but with adult toys a best seller is usually a best seller for a reason! Below are our 5 best selling items during the past month, with a brief description and a link if you’d like a detailed look, or to buy.

Top 5 Selling Adult Toys

The Beaded Rabbit – The Rabbit Company

A high quality rabbit vibrator for women looking for a little more from their sex toys. Made from silicone, this rechargeable beauty is designed to stimulate in so many ways.

There is a vibrating motor in the clit tickler bunny, and also one in the shaft. In addition, the shaft has 5 rows of rotating beads, arranged at the perfect position to cause maximum pleasure.

The Beaded Rabbit is a purple delight, whose functions can all be controlled separately, so you can zero in on exactly what your body desires.

Charged Ohare Vibrating Cockring

There are many couples’ rings on the market, but the Charged Ohare is the one that has been flying off the shelves. It has two rings to keep it securely in place when the fun begins. The larger ring is a cock and ball ring, whilst just the penis goes through the smaller hoop.

The rechargeable motor offers a variety of vibration strengths and patterns. These feel great for both partners. And, because of the snug fitting rings, he will be harder than normal. She will be teased by the vibrating ears of the hare every time he pushes inside.

Vibrating cock rings really are a win-win for everyone. The best thing is you can gift one to your partner, but receive just as much of the pleasure for yourself!

Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration

If you follow toy reviewers or sex bloggers on social media there is no way you could have missed the Satisfyer Pro 2. It has been in our ‘top sellers’ list for over a year now and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

The Pro 2 combines its famous pulsing air technology with good old fashioned vibration to create what many women describe as “The best toy I ever owned!” It is an external only toy, which focuses all of its attentions on your clitoris.

If you haven’t tried it yet and are looking for something a little different to the norm, then the Pro 2 may be just the thing you’re looking for.

Jack Rabbit – Thrusting Vibrator

Thrusters have been around in one form or another for a few years now. The Jack Rabbit has been our most popular thruster recently. Mainly because of its ease of use and low price point, due to it being battery powered (non-rechargeable).

The advantages of a thrusting rabbit over a regular rabbit toy are two-fold. Firstly, you get a far more realistic sexual experience as the toy is automated and thrusts in and out by itself.

Secondly, the vibrating clit bullet can stay exactly where it should be. With regular rabbits, the manual thrusting required keeps breaking the bunny’s contact with your clit.

Small Rechargeable Anal Plug

Occasionally, an anal toy makes its way onto our best seller list, and this time it’s a rechargeable vibrating plug. A favourite, due to it being a suitable size for both beginners and more experienced anal adventurers. This silicone plug is a great step up from a non-vibrating butt plug.

With 10 functions of vibration and a run-time of approximately 2 hours, it is easy to see why singles and couples alike have been snapping this one up!

If you are thinking about getting started with anal sex and anal toys, the Small Rechargeable Anal Plug would be a good place to start. A high quality toy that will provide pleasure for years to come.

Kinky Trends in BDSM

In addition to the 5 best selling toys above, I’d just like to give a mention to our Rated R Control Collection. Rated R is a selection of kinky essentials and BDSM staples. The collection is proving very popular with Kiwi’s who are getting into bondage in ever increasing numbers.

Rated R has products for every taste and experience level, ranging from simple cuffs and collars, to whips, floggers and spreader bars. It has never been easier to dip your toe into the BDSM pool, so why not take the plunge? You may open up a whole new world of pleasure for your partner and yourself.

I hope this run-down of which sex toys are trending at the moment has been helpful. Whatever you decide to buy for yourself or as a gift, I hope it brings much joy!

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