What are Bodystockings?

what are bodystockings? are body stockings for me?

Who are Bodystockings for?

We are often asked about bodystockings. Usually by women who are curious as to whether they would look good in them or whether their partner would like them to wear one. The answer to both questions is most definitely yes!

Bodystockings are made from the same material as pantyhose, and they cover the whole body. Some styles are long sleeved, some sleeveless, but the legs, torso and chest are always covered. They generally tend to be crotchless to make for easy access. Meaning that when your partner sees how smoking hot you look, you can have sex without taking it off.

The great thing about bodystockings is they fit and flatter all shapes and sizes. Unlike a lot of lingerie, they mould to the shape of your body so they fit you perfectly. You don’t need to worry about it fitting in the chest and then being too big on the waist.

You needn’t fret if you are carrying a little extra holiday weight either – because these fab pieces of lingerie will fit every beautiful curve perfectly. They will make you feel sexy, confident and beautiful.

Men’s Taste in Lingerie

At Tabu, we find that when men are coming in to buy some lingerie for their wife, more often that not they end up walking out with a bodystocking. This type of lingerie appeals to men as they are visionary creatures and every woman will look a vision in one of these!

Women love to feel sexy, and in a ‘stocking they can revel in being alluring and covered at the same time. Giving them the opportunity to enhance their greatest assets.

Bodstockings have versatility too. They even look fabulous under a dress or skirt suit, so you can be all about business all day long, then ready for a night of fun when the suit comes off.

Every woman needs at least one bodystocking in their wardrobe. It will not disappoint you or your lucky partner. At Tabu Adult Boutique we stock a great range of bodystockings from US label Bewicked and we also sell dress bodystocking from Baci. Check them out today!

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