Vibrating Wands – Are They Magic?

vibrating wands girl.

What are Vibrating Wands?

Vibrating Wands are a genre of sex toys that are famed for their ease-of-use, and infamous for the amount of power and pleasure they deliver. Wands are hand-held toys with a vibrating head, used for clitoral play. They come in a range of different sizes and styles to suit every taste and desire.

Originally designed in Japan as a therapeutic massager, women soon found a great alternative use for wands, and sales exploded. These first wands ran on mains power, and their latest incarnation is the BodyWand Original Massager. A substantial electric sex toy with unrivalled vibration strength.

bodywand original clitoral vibrating wand
BodyWand Original Massager

After years of dominating the Wand market, there are now many other brands competing in the market. At Tabu we currently stock 7 different wands. They vary in size, strength and price. There is a range of powering options too, as you can choose from plug-in, rechargeable and battery powered wands. Some of our selection are detailed below with a link to the product page for more info.

BodyWand Recharge

Available in Black or Purple, the recharge option from BodyWand is smaller that its plug-in option. This 10.5 inch version offers dial control for vibration strength and a pulsation button for a variety of 8 vibration patterns.

black bodywand rechargeable massager
BodyWand Rechargeable Massager

Sultry Wand by Pillow Talk

The Sultry wand is a stylish clitoral exciter. Its fabulous design is complimented by a Swarovski crystal. This wand is a petite and comfortable to hold 8 inches of fun. Available in Pink or Teal, it is sure to be a classy addition to any toy collection. Made from high quality silicone. Rechargeable.

pink warming wand for massage

Zarina Wand

The Zarina by Share Satisfaction is a beautiful rechargeable wand with various speeds of vibration and pulsation. Its neck flexes slightly to manoeuvre the head into just the right spot. Feels great and looks amazing in a rich Purple or Teal option. 8.5 inches long.

teal zarina vibrating wand
Zarina in Teal

Silicone Mini Wand

The Mini Wand is the smallest wand we stock at Tabu. Perfect for taking with you wherever you go. Small but perfectly formed, this water-resistant pleaser has 10 vibration patterns and strengths to scroll through. 6 inches of pocket sized fun. Available in Black.

vibrating silicone mini wand black
Mini Wand

Wand-er Woman by Satisfyer

Satisfyer have taken the sex toy market by storm in the last few years, and the Wand-er Woman is their version of the classic wand. At 13 inches long, it is as visually impressive as it is effective. A large rechargeable silicone wand with over 50 vibration combinations. surprisingly quiet for a toy this big. Available in Purple.

Satisfyer Wand-er Woman
Wand-er Woman by Satisfyer

Aqua by BodyWand

The Aqua is BodyWand’s battery powered option. It has a classic design, with firm white handle and pink silicone head and control panel. As you would expect, there are plenty of vibe patterns to choose from, so the Aqua has something to please every woman.

bodywand aqua massager
BodyWand Aqua

Experience some Magic!

Whichever wand you choose, you’ll be blown away by its controllability and focus. Use it for solo pleasure, or hand it to a partner, so they can give you the thrill of your life! Wands make great foreplay tools, so add one to your collection today!

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