Sexy Gift Ideas for Christmas

sexy gift ideas from tabu NZ

Sexy Gift Ideas from Tabu

Christmas is fast approaching once again, and whether you embrace the holiday spirit with both hands or would rather grab it by the throat and throttle it, one familiar question lingers in the air. “What can I buy for my partner this year?” Well, you can rest easy, because here at Tabu we’re going to make your festive headaches disappear with our Sexy Gift Ideas.

You’ve made it to the second paragraph, so you are no doubt clean out of ideas, but keen not to repeat your mistakes of yesteryear. That high-spec vacuum cleaner seemed like such a good idea at the time…then she unwrapped it. That vacuum was only thing that did any sucking in your bedroom until well into the new year.

Why not remove the need for an apology present on Boxing Day, by getting your loved one something they will love in the first place. Whether you are buying for a long term partner or you’re in a new relationship, we have lots of thoughtful, exciting and romantic gift ideas to make your Christmas go with a bang.

Sexy Gifts for Him

sexy gift ideas for him
Anyone seen a short fella with a limp around here?

Buying for men has always been tricky. Other than beer tokens and a Sky Sports subscription, most guys offer very few insights into their desires. This can make gift buying an unappealing task. No matter how much care and consideration you put into selecting which socks to buy, he never seems to be overly excited does he? Well ladies, let us help you get his pulse racing with a few gift ideas this Christmas.

Ohare Rechargeble Cock Ring

First up is a modern and fun take on a classic idea. Fastening loops make sure the Ohare stays firmly in place. The larger ring stretches so his balls and penis go through, and the penis goes through the smaller front ring. These rings keep him hard and increase his pleasure, whilst you enjoy the vibrations from the rechargeable bullet.

Each time he thrusts in, Ohare’s head and ears come into contact with your clitoris to increase your pleasure. When he orgasms, the tightness of the rings increases his sensation. It is fun and easy to use and the high enjoyment levels for both partners make this a great couples toy.

Pleasure Sleeves

Male masturbation sleeves are the best selling sex toys for men. They are soft sleeves, usually made from life-like silicone materials, with a detailed texture inside which which feels amazing on his penis whilst he uses it.

Far from being the preserve of single men, lots of couples introduce masturbation sleeves into their sex. He can use it whilst you watch or you can grab it and give him the ultimate handjob!

There are plenty of different brands available, with Fleshlight and Main Squeeze being the most popular male sex toys in New Zealand. We have a dozen or more sleeves to choose from, so what are you waiting for? grab a sleeve and a bottle of lube and get going.

Gift Ideas for Her

great sexy gift ideas for her
Get Her What She Really Wants This Christmas

They say it’s the thought that counts, but ‘they’ clearly didn’t see the look on your wife’s face, the day you thoughtfully gifted her a domestic appliance! Well, we are sticking with the theme of appliances, but ones she will be thrilled to receive and even more thrilled to use.

Satisfyer Pro 2 with Vibration

The sex toy world (yes, it’s a thing) was taken by storm this year by the Satisfyer Pro 2. The subject of countless magazine and online articles, the Satisfyer is a pulsating air-flow toy designed to recreate the pleasures of oral sex.

Women have been buying them in big numbers all around New Zealand, and if your partner doesn’t own one yet, this makes a wonderful gift. She can use it when she’s alone, or you can use it on her whilst she lays back and relaxes.

There are many levels of vibration and suction strength, so start slow and sensual and build her up to a powerful climax. The Pro 2 is rechargeable, so there’s never any need to find batteries in a kitchen drawer and kill the mood.

The Bodywand Original

The Bodywand is a style of women’s sex toy that originated in Japan. Originally produced and sold as a body massager to relieve aches and pains, the powerful wands were selling in their millions. However, the women who bought them didn’t have physio in mind!

Running from the mains electricity, Bodywand Original is the most powerful sex toy in New Zealand. It’s the ultimate clitoral vibrator and is universally popular.

The vibrations, whose strength is controlled via a dial on the body of the wand, can be used all over the body. Many women enjoy being tied to the bed by their partner whist he runs the powerful head of the wand all over her naked body. This will stimulate all her usual erogenous zones, and maybe you’ll even discover some new ones!

Christmas Gifts at Tabu

Whatever you end up buying for your lover, we hope you both get plenty of enjoyment from it. If you are around the Wairarapa area, pop in and see us. We are in Eketahuna on SH2, 30 mins north of Masterton and 40 mins from Palmerston North. We’ve got loads of sexy gift ideas.

If you’d rather buy online, then we have FREE shipping nationwide on all orders over $50 including rural addresses. So what’s stopping you? Put some buzz into their Christmas this year. x

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