Sex Toys and Celebrity Owners

sex toys and celebrity users

Sex Toys Reach Celebrity Status

Gone are the days of sneaking into a shop with blacked out windows, choosing from a small selection of cheap rubber toys and emerging ten minutes late with a brown bag hoping no one saw you. Sex shops and the toys within them are now, rightly so being celebrated, for the pleasure givers that they are. With the new era of celebrating sex and our bodies and being sex and body positive, people are having real and open conversations about sex and masturbation. Self love after all is the best kind of love. People are more than happy to talk about their love of sex toys nowadays and that includes celebrities who are more than happy to shout about their love of toys. Read on to discover how these famous ladies celebrate sex toys and celebrity.

Desperate Housewife – Desperate no longer!

Actress Eva Longoria, best known for her role as Sultry Gabby Solis in Desperate housewives admitted in an interview that until she started masturbating, at the grand old age of 26, she had never really enjoyed sex. Noting it was a shame she hadn’t discovered sex toys earlier. She fell madly in love with sex toys, namely the rabbit, made famous by another television show, Sex and the City. She now for her girlfriends birthdays gifts them with rabbit vibrators because she feels the best gift you can give someone is an orgasm. Shes not wrong!

He should have put a cockring on it

Queen Bey and Jay-Z have been a couple for the best part of 19 years, with the Blueprint Rapper finally putting a ring on it in 2008. How do this celebrity pair get things fresh in their 12 year marriage? Well sex toys definitely play a part. The couple recently dropped $6000 at New York’s Manhattan based sex shop Babeland. Whilst it wasn’t revealed exactly what they bought it was confirmed that the classy intimate toys were in fact gold plated. Nothing but the best for musical royalty. Sex toys are a great way for a couple to enjoy a healthy and varied sex life.

A Secretary Without Secrets

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal has starred in an eclectic mix of movies and actually launched her career with the oh so sexy and slightly odd film, Secretary. With many an indie flick and the odd mainstream flick since, Gyllenhaal returned to her sexy roots by starring in Hysteria, a movie about the invention of the vibrator. In her research for this project she became a little obsessed with with these buzzy little toys and built herself quite the collection. So much so she now lends them to her friends. She commented that some of her friends keep the toys for up to 6 months before returning them. Whilst we in no way endorse sharing sex toys, if it is something you want to do, please make sure you clean it before returning it.

My Own Private Swordfish

As beautiful as she is, Actress Halle Berry has more often that not found herself solo. When she is single she heads off to Los Angeles sex store the Pleasure Chest to treat herself to a toy or two. Halle believes it is important for women to not forget about their sexuality, when in a relationship and especially when sans partner. She believes in taking care of your body, whether that be going to the gym or self pleasuring.

Nevermind Barberella’s – Try Tabu!

79 year old actress Jane Fonda divulged that not only does she use sex toys she also wears one around her neck. Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes and even disguises. Jane’s look just like a beautiful silver pendant but little des her dinner date know it doubles up as a buzzy little bullet. Does she use it when out? Apparently that depends on the company and the state of the bathrooms in the establishment she finds herself in. Age aint nothing but a number when it come to self love. Go Jane!

Celebrity vibe

It is so refreshing hearing celebrities talk about their love of sex toys. Where celebrities lead others follow and a positive, healthy and fulfilling sex life is definitely a trend that should be encouraged. On a personal note it has been great writing on a topic that covers two of my favourite subjects, sex toys and celebrity lives.

Written by Dr Joan for Tabu Adult Boutique

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