September’s Best Seller!

september's best seller at tabu is the tease and please kit from womanizer and we-vibe

A Month in Review

In our adult store, we are often asked by customers, “Which is your most popular toy?” or “What is your best-selling product?” Initially, we thought they were just making conversation or showing interest in our shop, but we noticed that lots of people will decide upon their new toy based on how popular it is. A best seller is a best seller for a reason and September’s best seller is no exception!

Knowing that so many people make their final purchasing decisions this way, we have decided to give our online customers the benefit of our experience too! Near the end of each month, we will let you know the hot product of the moment.

September’s Best Seller 2019

The most purchased toy, becoming September’s best seller, was the We-Vibe and Womanizer kit called Tease and Please. We-Vibes have been around for over a decade now, with an improved model being launched every couple of years.

When accompanied by a Womanizer Starlet, the Tease and Please kit makes a great purchase. It works out a lot cheaper than buying both the toys individually and makes a great gift too.

For those of you that are new to either of the featured toys, read on! We will give you a quick run-down on their features and uses. First up, the We Vibe.

We-Vibe Match

The Match is one of the latest incarnations of the We-Vibe. The toy is designed to be half inserted into the vagina. One side reaches the G-spot whilst the other side of the toy is outside the body and rests on the clitoris.

we vibe match couples toys. Part of September's best seller at Tabu
The We-Vibe Match

The unit contains two strong vibrating motors, one in each prong. The vibration strength and patterns can be controlled by the handy remote control.

One of the most distinguishing features of this toy is its versatility. A woman can enjoy it solo, or can wear it during sex with a male partner. He will also receive the pleasurable sensation of the vibrations.

The We-Vibe recharges easily by slotting it into its stand.

Womanizer Starlet

Since bursting onto the market in recent years, clitoral air pulsing toys have been incredibly popular. They are designed specifically to thrill the clit, using pulsing air waves.

womanizer starlet tease and please collection
Womanizer Starlet

Creating a toy that simulates oral sex has always been high on the agenda of sex toy manufacturers. Womanizer have come closer than anyone else. So if you are a little bored of your bullet, give Womanizer a go.

The Starlet is rechargeable for convenience, and has an array of pulsing suction levels so you can build up to the perfect climax.

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