Cat O Nine Tails Flogger 16 inch


The Cat O Nine Tails flogger is a great way to dominate your lover!

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Cat O Nine Tails Flogger

This black 16 inch flogger is sure to make your submissive obey your every word! The wood bead handle has a handy wrist strap so it will remain firmly in your grasp, and the tresses are an easy to use eight inches long. The strap and tresses are made of soft-backed vinyl so they are very easy to clean. Their tips provide just the right amount of playful sting. The Cat O Nine Tails will be a welcomed addition to any toy bag, because there are not many sexual encounters that can’t be improved with a little domination role play!

Entire length 20″ (52cm) inc. strap

Tail length 8″

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