Anal Creams and Lubricant

When planning to use anal toys, whether for the first time, or if you are experienced, you will need lubricants or anal creams. Unlike the vagina which produces a form of natural lubrication when aroused, the anus does not.

If you are using a condom, or a toy made from silicone, the best thing to use is a thick water based lubricant, such as Wet Stuff Gold. Are you using no condom, or a glass or metal toy? Then the best product to use is a silicone lubricant such as Wet Stuff Silicone. The formula is very long lasting and smooth. It will not dry out and need re-applying because there is no water content.

If you or your partner is finding anal play uncomfortable, or can’t relax enough, don’t worry this is common. Try using a relax cream, which softens and relaxes the anus, allowing more comfortable and enjoyable play times.

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