Anal Toys

Tabu Adult Boutique is a New Zealand based sex shop in the Tararua district. Owned and operated by Samantha Ifill and Ian Turner, who both previously worked for peaches and cream in Auckland. Tabu sell a large range of anal sex toys such as dongs, dildos and strap-ons. Dongs, which are penis shaped non-vibrating toys, are made from rubber or silicone. They come in a range of sizes, colours and shapes. Dildos tend to be vibrating toys can can either be used anally or vaginally and come in a wide variety of designs. A strap-on, as the name suggests, is worn in a harness strapped around the waist. Again, these came in a range of lengths and girths, starting with the Pegger, a short, thin dong. It is designed to be used by a woman who wants to dominate a man by penetrating him anally.

Most items at Tabu in Eke are a lot cheaper than peaches & cream and other sex stores in New Zealand. Tabu sells a range of batteries especially designed to power a sex toy, so be sure to stock up when shopping!

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