Penis Pumps – Do They Really Work?

Penis Pumps do they really work blog article

Penis Pumps – The Real Story

I have decided to write this short article about Penis Pumps because there are very few Adult Shop products that are viewed with as much suspicion and disbelief. Due mainly to references in popular culture, a myth abounds that penis pumps are used to massively increase the size of the male member, from average (whatever that is) to a weapon so impressively large it can be used to knock a hole in a wall.

Of course, this isn’t possible. However, nobody manufacturing or selling pumps ever claims that it is. At Tabu Adult Boutique, I have around 20 conversations a week with men about pumps. Around half are disappointed that their dream of a cartoon-esque growth has been crushed, but the other 50% are keen to hear more.

Pumps are ideal for men who are looking for a temporary size improvement where it matters most. Used immediately prior to sexual activity, they can increase both length and girth which will make a notable difference for both partners during intercourse. Even a moderate increase feels significant as both the vagina and anus are very sensitive.

How To Use a Penis Pump

The first thing to point out is that penis pumps are a vacuum pumping system. There is no direct inflation of the genitals via needles like a football, so don’t look so scared! The penis is inserted into a large plastic cylinder through a rubber or silicone seal which rests against the groin. The use of a little water based lubricant helps to create an air-tight seal around the base.

At the top end of the cylinder, a hose leads to the handset, which is used to suck out the air and create a vacuum. The hand control will be one of a few designs. The most common is a rubber medical squeeze ball, the kind used to inflate blood pressure testing arm-bands. Other designs include finger pulls or triggers.

Whatever the style of pump, the principle is the same and they are to be used in the same way. Once you are inserted, the air should be gently expelled. The removal of air from the cylinder creates a sucking and pulling effect on the penis. The enlarged erection swells with more and more blood as it grows beyond its normal proportions. This will feel a little odd, but not unpleasant.

A pumping session should last around 5 minutes. Take it slowly, and if at any stage your penis becomes sore or very uncomfortable you should stop. Press the valve button on the handset to relieve the pressure, and remove the pump.

How Do I Maintain My New Size?

The simple solution is a cock ring. You can wear a silicone or TPR ring around the base of the penis to maintain the strength of your erection. Pop the ring on either before your pump session or immediately afterwards. Not only do cock rings keep you harder for longer, they also increase the pleasure of an orgasm.

If you are pleased with the temporary results of using a penis pump and would like a more permanent size boost, then worry not. There is a product which will deliver a longer penis but it’s far less fun than than a pump. However, if you are dedicated to the goal of self-improvement, a Penis Extender may be perfect for you.

Designed to be worn for several hours each day, Penis Extenders physically pull and stretch the penis, encouraging it to grow new tissue mass. The process is a little uncomfortable and will take many months of dedication, so only embark on this journey if you are willing to commit to the process. Check out the Pumped Penis Extender for more info.

Getting Started with Penis Pumps

I hope this brief article has helped to clarify what pumps are and how they are to be used. If you are keen to buy one, look no further than the Pumps and Extenders section of our online store at Tabu Adult Boutique, or pop in to see us at our Eketahuna sex shop on the Manawatu and Wairarapa border.

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