Giving the Perfect Massage

giving the perfect massage

Giving the Perfect Massage

There are many things to consider when thinking of good massage. Giving the Perfect Massage takes a little thought and planning, but there is no reason why an unexperienced amateur cannot deliver a thoroughly enjoyable massage experience.

The laying on of hands can be therapeutic, relaxing or stimulating depending on how you approach it. If this is your first time, the important thing to remember is not to rush into it. Take some time to plan what products you’ll need, the location and time.

Setting the Mood

A key part of a successful romantic massage is being in the right frame of mind. Don’t rush anything or start a massage when you have limited time as this may create anxiety. A great way to clear your mind of everyday stresses and focus on each other is to shower together before you get started.

Set the mood in your room by dimming or switching off the lights and lighting some candles. Resist the urge to chat about about work, bills, the kids or whatever else. Stay silent and let your hands do the talking, so your partner can zone out and get maximum enjoyment from your efforts.

Selecting Massage Oils

There are hundreds of different oils on the market and the choice can be a little overwhelming. Here are a select few suggestions which link through to their product page if you’d like more information or wish to buy. If you wish, you can see a full display of the oils and massage extras available at Tabu Adult Boutique.

Intimate Earth

Priding themselves on only using organic and vegan ingredients, Intimate Earth have an intriguing collection of high quality oils. Their Fresh Orange & Wild Ginger is an energizing blend designed to stimulate the senses and the skin with it’s familiar and warming tones.

The most popular oil in Intimate Earth’s range is their Fresh Cut Grass oil. Blended to help you relax with a scent that everyone enjoys. One for nature lovers. All Intimate Earth products are made in USA.

Dona Massage Oil

Dona also have a range of oils available. Their most popular lines are their ‘kissable’ oils. Vanilla Buttercream and Strawberry Souffle not only smell wonderful, but are also edible. With these oils, you can kiss away your partner’s stresses too. Dona oils are made in USA.

Getting Started on Giving the Perfect Massage

Take things slowly. Try to be sensual and firm, remembering to re-apply enough oil so there is no friction. It is easy to make the mistake of neglecting some body parts, but a good masseuse or masseur is a thorough one.

Start off with your partner laying on their front. Massage their toes and feet before moving up to the calves, thighs and buttocks. Spend time on each body part and try to enjoy the experience as much as your partner. Massage the back with upward motions, applying downwards pressure as you go.

Don’t forget the fingers and arms before asking your partner to flip over onto their back, giving you some more areas to concentrate on.

In Summary

You will soon develop your own skills and techniques. Led by the contented sighs of your lover, you will quickly work out what works and what doesn’t. I hope this brief article has been helpful.

Gia x

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