Gia Joy’s Book – Excerpt 1 (Ginger)

Gia Joy allows us a sneak preview of her upcoming book. The book covers the year she spent as a Madam at one of Auckland’s largest brothels. From the outrageous working girls to the bizarre clientele, each day is more surprising than the last. Below is our first glimpse at Gia Joy’s book, taken from a chapter called Ginger.

Welcome to the first excerpt from my upcoming book. When it comes to ‘learning curves’, they don’t get much steeper than an innocent(ish) girl running a brothel! Gia x

“Maybe I’m being a bit naïve here, but since when was a dirty used beer bottle a form of contraception?” 

“Ginger uses it as a douche. A way of cleaning herself out after a guy cums inside her.” Diana informs me nonchalantly. She went on to explain that one reason Ginger is so popular with the clients is because she offers bareback fun. With Ginger they don’t need to use a condom for anything. She will swallow spunk, let them off-load in her vagina or ass. They can cum all over her face if they want to. As long as you can negotiate a price, there is nothing you can’t do with her. Diana goes on to inform me that Ginger has started the menopause, so the chances of her getting pregnant are very slim, but she can’t take the birth control pill to make 100% sure because she is on HRT and the two don’t mix. 

The Real Thing 

So, her fool-proof plan, once a man has climaxed inside her, is to stand up as soon as she can and let his load drip out, whilst she gets to work cleaning the area with a shower head. She then gets re-dressed into her black lycra dress, braless as ever, straps on her six inch heels and clambers down the stairs and over to the bar to obtain a beer bottle. She then fills this receptacle with cola, finds Hannah, her equally gruesome cohort, and they head off to an empty bedroom. Hannah pours the whole bottle of soda into Ginger’s vagina as she lies on her back with legs elevated for a good five minutes whilst she lets the fizzy do its magic. Apparently, its magic being that coke kills any sperm that may still be up there. The real thing indeed! 

Womb Raider

My biggest problem with this ‘theory’ isn’t that it is obviously a load of bullshit and scientifically nonsensical. It’s that Ginger’s main concern is making sure her 65 year old womb doesn’t get raided. The possibility of contracting an STI isn’t a thought that even enters her head, it’s quite shocking really. This is a woman who is willing to sleep with anyone, anytime, using no protection at all. She works in a whore house and is wildly popular, which all means she is having sex with at least thirty different customers every week. These 1500 customers each year are men who regularly visit brothels hoping to have unprotected sex with hookers. This disgusting circle of nastiness has epidemic written all over it, yet the thought doesn’t cross Ginger’s mind. Once, when a concerned workmate asked her about this very subject, Ginger defiantly replied  

“Well I get checked out every month so it’s all good.” How incredibly reckless! 

“Excuse me miss.” The world’s oldest man mumbles at me. 

“How can I help you honey?” I say in my over rehearsed madam voice. 

“I’d like to book two hours with the lovely Ginger. I’m Fred.” he informs me, with a glint in his glaucoma ravaged eye. 

“Sure honey, that will be $480 please.”  

Gia x

Gia will be letting us post more excerpts over the coming weeks. 

What made Gia decide to write this book?


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