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Main Squeeze sex toys for men

Main Squeeze Girls

Most articles written by sex toy bloggers and adult retailers focus on women and toys for women. I just realized that at Tabu, we have been neglecting the guys too! So, this is a post all about our best selling sex toys for men. The Main Squeeze collection is a range of hard case masturbation sleeves. Each one is moulded on the vagina of a specific social media or porn actress.

Much like the worldwide sensation the Fleshlight, Main Squeeze feature a ribbed, nobbled and textured soft sleeve. These texture sensations vary from girl to girl, so there is plenty of choice available when searching for your perfect sexy stroker.

The Main Squeeze Stroker Range

Control Your Pleasure

Whichever girl takes your fancy, each Main Squeeze comes with two important features which will help deliver mind-blowing orgasms. The End Cap twists to control the internal air pressure. Once you are inserted, you can choose a looser feel by allowing air to flow freely in and out with each thrust. Alternatively, you can close off the air flow and create a firmer feeling so the toy sucks you in then lets you out.

The Squeeze Plate on the side of the case allows you to control how tight the grip is on your dick. The tighter you press the plate, the more you’ll experience the pleasure of the ridges and nodules.

Girls of Main Squeeze

As with all stroker sleeves, the more lube you use the better! Whichever playmate you choose, add plenty of water based lubricant for a super slippery encounter each and every time.

Take a look through all of our Masturbation Toys for Men and find the perfect one for you. Discreet packaging and Free Shipping to any NZ address.

Tabu Adult Boutique – Find your Fantasy.

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