February’s Best Seller! – Glass Anal Toys

follower blue glass anal plug

Glass Anal Toys

As the regular readers out there know, this is the monthly section where we at Tabu Adult Boutique review the month. We let you know which products were in vogue over the last 30 days or so. This month we sold a lot of glass anal toys from the Chrystalino range.

There is no telling what items will be popular from month to month. Sometimes, customers come into the shop having seen a particular toy in a sexy movie, or they have read a sex blog which recommends a specific model or a genre or toys to try.

The Chrystalino range is a collection of petite but beautifully formed butt plugs, crafted from blue borosilicate glass. Each piece is handblown, and great care is taken producing these smooth and sturdy creations. The weight of the glass is heavy enough to give just the right feeling of fullness to the wearer.

Choosing the right Butt Plug

At Tabu we stock 4 styles from the Chrystalino range. Each shape is 4.5 inches from base to tip (11.5 cm). The Star and The Follower are the most traditionally shaped and look like a traditional anal plug. The Pleaser and The Classy are slight variations, but it’s really just down to personal preference.

Apart from their inherent good looks, glass plugs have many advantages over their silicone of plastic rivals. Temperature play is possible with glass. By immersing the toy in cold or warm water before inserting, the plug can deliver a whole new sensation to your anus.

Do be very careful not to over heat the plug, because the nerve endings in the anus are very sensitive. They are not as used to extremes in temperature as the rest of your body.

Lubricant for Glass Plugs

Feel free to use silicone lubricants with glass toys. If you have bought a few toys in your time, you will probably know that although silicone lubricant is very long lasting and feels wonderful, it’s a no-no with most toys. Silicone and rubber toys (and condoms) are not compatible with silicone lubes. However, with glass toys you are free to use whatever lube you wish.

We hope we have given you something to think about, and another option in the bedroom. Take care and we will be back soon with next March’s best selling toy!

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