August’s Best Seller!

best seller products in august at Tabu Adult Boutique

A Month in Review

In our adult store, we are often asked by customers, “Which is your most popular toy?” or “What is your best-selling product?”. Initially, we thought they were just making conversation or showing interest in our shop, but we noticed that lots of people will decide upon their new toy based on how popular it is. A best seller is a best seller for a reason!

Knowing that so many people make their final purchasing decisions this way, we have decided to give our online customers the benefit of our experience too! Near the end of each month, we will let you know the hot product of the moment.

August 2019

There is a clear winner of August’s award. It’s the Black Silicone Remote Control Bullet. We think the reason for its popularity comes from a few different factors…

1 – TECHNOLOGY – Remote control toys have been popular since they were first developed over a decade ago, but recently they have become more reliable and user friendly. Unlike many similar toys on the market today, this Remote Control Bullet runs on just 2 AAA batteries. One placed inside the bullet, and one inside the hand-held controller. No need to find fiddly little button batteries.

2 – VERSATILITY – With a range of 10 metres, this toy benefits from not only being a bedroom toy, but also a fun travel toy. It has near-silent running, so can be operated in public by a partner, and nobody will ever know! Also, as it is waterproof, you can enjoy a thrilling shower too!

3 – PRICE – With all the great features it possesses, this Remote Control Bullet is great value for money at just $69. It is hard to find a high quality vibrator of any style for this money, but with remote operation it really does stand out as a brilliant deal.

At Tabu, we think the Remote Control Bullet will continue to be a high seller for the foreseeable future. At the time of writing this article we have a around a dozen in stock, so get in quickly if you want one. Pop in to our Eketahuna sex shop, or buy online with quick delivery.

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