Are Butt Plugs for Women too?

are butt plugs for women asks Gia Joy

Butt Plugs for Women, Really?

The humble butt plug has long been regarded as a fun toy for the owners of a prostate. Whilst yes, men can enjoy amazing orgasms through P-spot stimulation, this doesn’t give them the monopoly on enjoying this fabulous little (or big depending on your preference) toy. For some reason people seem to be under the misguided notion that women only wear butt plugs in order to train their butt to be able to have anal sex with a partner. This is absolutely not true and I am here to tell you why butt plugs for women are a thing.

Feeling full in a good way

Simply sticking this toy up your butt and hoping to have explosive orgasms isn’t going to work. This toy definitely needs a side order of stimulation. But get that right and you are in for an erotic treat. You can enjoy using a butt plug whilst having sex with a partner. Or you can enjoy it just as much when masturbating with another toy also. Using a butt plug will create an exquisite feeling of fullness, that will enhance your love making or solo play.

Who doesn’t love intense orgasms?

When you orgasm the sphincter muscles located in your butt will tighten and contract. With a butt plug in place this will intensify the feeling as your nerve endings will be stretched and exposed, leading to mind blowing orgasms that you are sure to become addicted to.

Relax, this wont hurt

I know a lot of women can be put off of anal sex or using anal toys. They are worried it will hurt. But if you relax, take things slow and do things right it shouldn’t be painful. It should be a comfortable, enjoyable and pleasurable experience. Take your time, don’t rush it. It is not a race.

Start by making sure that you are relaxed. Clitoral stimulation can help loosen things up and then maybe start by inserting a finger into your anus before working up to the toy. If it is your first time using an anal toy then maybe a vibrating butt plug would work well for you, as not only do vibrations feel great they help to relax the anus too.

Lube never hurt nobody

By doing things right I of course mean lube, lube and more lube. The first rule on any anal play is lube. The thicker the better. Using a specifically designed anal lube is my recommendation as it is the right viscosity which will ensure ease. You want a lube that is thick and long lasting. If you are using silicone toys or condoms then be sure to use a thick water based lubricant. But If you are enjoying a glass or metal toy or engaging in safe condom-free sex, then silicone lubricant will be a great option for you.

All shapes and sizes

Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes, there is no one size fits all. Have fun exploring what you enjoy anally. Personally I would start with a mini one, just to get yourself used to the new sensation you will experience and then as you get used to it work your way up to a bigger firmer butt plug. After a while of using them I made a move to metal plugs with jewels on the end.

The cold hard metal feels amazing and my partner has a pretty gem stone to look at when I’m bent over. Whatever you choose I hope you have fun and I am excited that you will soon see that butt plugs aren’t just for men to enjoy. Happy exploring ladies!

Gia. x

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